We hope you’re staying safe, keeping well and managing to adjust to life in the world of the new normal.

This pandemic has unquestionably shaken many institutions we take for granted right to their core.

One of the many examples is the housing market. All but essential property sales are on hold for now. Valuations that need to be carried out internally and removals have largely stopped also for the time being.

However, there are options if you are staying put.

There are many mortgage and remortgage rate switches and product transfer options available and this is keeping financial advisers very busy especially in the light of the recent interest rate cuts.

Equally, equity release and second loan enquiries are holding firm and now with many financial advisers offering  Skype or Zoom ‘meetings’ this is proving a highly popular way to transact business with many clients.

Some of the lenders are currently more restrictive than they were previously but there are plenty of lenders announcing revised products on almost a daily basis and some now offering a much improved and quicker application process.

If you are in the market for any of the financial products above, please seek suitable advice from a financial adviser near you using our free to use search tool.

Additionally, this may a good time to review your insurance protection needs. Many are doing so resulting in financial advisers reporting big increases in the sales of critical illness, life cover and income protection policies.

As with any financial product it is worth taking professional advice. Please use our free search tool to find a qualified adviser near you.