Planning for retirement

Making the best of your opportunity

We all know how important it is to plan for retirement, and yet so many of us are still not planning far enough in advance for retirement or saving enough. 

Despite all the media headlines over the past 3 decades and encouraging Government initiatives, many of the UK population are still living in denial with a ‘tomorrow will do’ attitude. 

The worry here is that without making adequate provision for retirement coupled with increasing state pension ages pushing retirement further down the road, a great many of us could end up working for much longer than we either want or we need.

In the UK there are many investment and pension specialist companies offering retirement plans. Your choice of provider is likely to come down to a retirement plan with fair charges, a sound and provable investment track record and flexible options on transferring your fund to another provider or taking early retirement – should you wish. 

Most of the investment growth required to provide you with an income that may have to stretch for many years into retirement relies on asset backed investments and with that in mind it is very important to take appropriate advice from a pension professional.

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Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do for yourself today!

Using the services of a professional pension adviser can save you from making tan expensive and wrong choice.